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God has established the theocratic pattern of government for His people. In every case where man allowed God to govern as He saw fit, there.
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Other churches seek means of involvement but struggle to find opportunities to effectively motivate their members. A small percentage of churches are isolated. Some of them like it that way, refraining from involvement. Some of these churches have trouble seeing how they can relate to their community. Many of these congregations may be enticed by putting mentoring in the context of a calling to help the church engage their community.

10 Things You Should Know about Missions and the Local Church

Most churches want to promote programs that have a direct connection to their church. This can be as simple as forging a partnership that empowers them to endorse mentoring as a ministry of their church, an opportunity for their members. Formal partnerships in which churches select liaisons to serve on advisory council of mentoring organizations can promote a true sense of ownership and significantly improve volunteer recruitment.

Additionally, churches may be helped to implement their own mentoring management teams in which they apply best practices under the training and guidance of a professional mentoring program. As with any community group, challenges can arise. They may either feel a calling to work with at-risk youth, or they may find one-on-one relationship-building to be a manageable task where more broad-based, highly structured church ministry opportunities may not fit with their work or home life.

In the early nineties, I surveyed mentors from sixty New York churches involved in mentoring.

The results were astonishing. More than half of the mentors kept the same church involvement that they had prior to mentoring. Only one percent lowered involvement. The rest increased their church involvement. Another concern of mentoring program leaders is that church members will proselytize; that is, they will attempt to convert a child to their faith. In fact, this rarely occurs.

As a matter of fact, most clergy find it almost impossible to get their congregants involved in evangelism. It was basically learning to enjoy God with no agenda, worship, rest in God, receive His love.

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It was a bit of shock to begin with, and our minds would wander all over the place! The only plan was to turn up and wait on God and see what happened.

The Power of the Local Church (Ekklesia, Part 2)

The presence of God was falling and moving us. It was so strong that on a number of occasions people passed by the outside of our church building and suddenly felt compelled to come in, resulting in them becoming Christians. We saw the power of God at work as we prayed for people out on the streets. Much to our surprise this unchurched lady turned up at our church the next week and surrendered her life to Jesus, kneeling at the foot of the cross, and was baptised the following Sunday.

The Bishop, Head of the Local Church and Discipline | Eugenio Corecco

It was beautiful. Many people are spiritually hungry all around us and more spiritually aware than we actually realise. They need to be introduced to the person of Jesus.

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We need to expect that to be a real, radical, powerful encounter. And we said to ourselves this is very strange, we have to go in. But we had no reason to come in and so we walked back up the hill to our car as the parking ticket was running out. They asked if they could stay with us a while longer. Bless them! He had already been having a drink in the pub next door and come outside and met some of our street team. From day one we have always tried to have people out on the streets in branded t-shirts and often more exciting stories are happening outside the church than inside I have to try and not get distracted watching it all through the glass as I preach!

He said he thought it was a club because of the house music fair enough! The Gospel doesn't need bright lights or a fog machine. The Gospel doesn't need the government or politics. The Gospel doesn't need us. It saves us, captures us, equips us, compels us, and trains us. It wants us. It doesn't need my help or yours—we need not worry. The Gospel will be just fine. The Gospel ultimately wins. When we lose the magnificence of the Gospel, we substitute icon, formality, and allegory.

The power of the Gospel is complete. Nothing "poses a threat" to the Gospel. The Gospel is God's power loose in the world. It will not be prevailed against.

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Sproul said, "You can't improve upon the Gospel because God put His power there. An excess of P. Can you show me in the Bible that we need more ingenuity and creativity? Only the Gospel has such power. We can have the best music, the best performers, the best communicators, the best programs, but without the Gospel properly shared and lived, there's no power of God.

Christ said, "I will build my church" Matt. Thus, we must trust the Gospel means he's ordained to build his church. When it comes to excellence in the worship service, there's a difference between adorning the Gospel and trying to help it. A church's increasing attempts to excite me in the worship service become increasingly boring. Pastor, if you're dreading corporate worship Sunday, it may be due to the entertainment standard you've set for yourself.